Sometimes things get out of control and something beautiful happens.

The beautiful thing is that we started an experimental studio called ICE | 7, and we are here to change how you see the world and build your business strategies.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

Yes, it is!

ICE | 7 is a consultancy agency specialized in creating Speculative Future Scenarios that we love to call “Perspectives“. There are many agencies in London, specialized in Future and Speculative design run by very skilled anthropologists and humanists, that’s’ greate since the Future is nevertheless a very social and a very human matter.

We are a bit different since we want to ground our researches backed by numbers and facts, therefore our teams are composed of industry-driven professionals hired from real-world companies.

Imagine a scenario built by Sci-Fi writers, with a compelling storyline, but grounded with real insights: who can write a technological scenario prediction better than a CTO of a tech company? Who can foresee the impact on a disrupted industry of a revolutionary business better than an entrepreneur CEO of a 8 figures funded startup? Who can predict the legal implication of a new type of an unregulated sharing economy better than a corporate layer?

Did you get the concept, right?

We create Future Envisioning Scenarios Perspectives, with real professionals, to allow companies and brands to make informed decisions, today.